HCL Infosystems bags Order from Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd


HCL has announced the awarding of a multi-crore rupee deal from Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (AMTRON) to provide 7,200 units of HCL ME laptops. This initiative by AMTRON is an integral part of the existing “Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme” by the Government of Assam set out to honour meritorious students of the state. HCL Infosystems will be partnering with the State Government and will be providing best-in-class HCL ME Laptops designed for Indian conditions and supported by one of the largest HCL service and support network in the country today. J. V. Ramamurthy, President & COO, HCL Infosystems, said, ” Today, computers have become one of the most essential requirements of daily life and especially in student life where it can play a pivotal role. India, being a growing economy, needs to propel PC penetration and truly democratize access to broadband to realize its potential as a knowledge economy.

We congratulate the Government of Assam for this unique model to award meritorious students and inspire them to actively make use of technology. We look forward to continue our association with this initiative along with many more to come.” Under the initiative, Education Department (Secondary), Information & Technology Department under the Government of Assam will be awarding Laptops of the latest configuration to honour meritorious students of the state.

Finding The Best Electronics Pawnshop Beverly Hills

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Finding out these electronics pawnshop Beverly Hills is not that tuff because there are many ways in which you can find them. The first and the foremost way is talking to people around you your friends and relatives who might have sold some of their gadgets in these shops might surely have an idea of about whether they are profitable or not. Internet has become very popular in the recent times and has spread its reach across the globe thus you will see that mostly all the electronics pawnshop Beverly Hills these days have their websites listed on the web.

Who Came up with the Idea of Electronics?

Inquiring who invented electronics is the same as wondering who created the Creation! You see, there are such numerous varied devices that are electronics that you really have to consider them bit by bit if you were actually trying to credit the True Inventor. Try to make a list of electronics: ipods, portable phones, netbooks, video games, Tickle Me Elmos, keyboards, Garmin, you just could list virtually each and every product that we use now and it would fairly be described as electronics. So who invented these incredible advances? Obviously, each product has its own maker, so maybe the question to ask is what is the foundation of electronics and who thought up that? You might guess electricity is the main building block, but actually, the electron is. The electron was not made, of course but discovered by British physicist J.J. Thompson, who was the original to find evidence that that atoms, then believed to be the tiniest undivided material piece of matter, were comprised of tinier particles. That discovery was the start for all electronics development that has come next. And we certainly should thank the powers that be that we have enjoyed these amazing products. We use them all the time.

Edison discovered that electrons could move from one spot to a different one and that became the foundation for the idea of the diode. This was initially used in electronics devices related to messaging: Morse code and then the radio. Video output like television soon followed and the electronics version became the most popular when Bell Laboratories introduced it. Radar,to be sure, was part and parcel of that history. Sadly it was the Second World War that assisted in development of electronics.

You might suppose that computers came right on the heels thereafter, but it was some time before there was use of electronics in computers, mainly because of size problems. Remember the first computers were very large, occupied vast areas and it took quite awhile to get them down to a size that was reasonable for most uses. It was only recently that they evolved into the really small manageable machines that they are today. Then followed the transistor and then the integrated circuit. With that, the era electronics really took off and we ended up with medical imaging, digital cameras, Ipods and on and on; it would be infeasible to list it all.